First time LARPing? No problem!

Costumes, weapons, story and location go hand in hand for a successful Live Action Role Playing adventure.  Our hand made costumes will be available for rent or sale, at the GREETING/CHECK IN TENT. We will have merchant yurts.  You can also come with a costume of your own.

We’ve decided to use a Canadian company from Quebec, Calimacil , as our source for LARP weapons that will be available for rent. They look very realistic, handle well in mock battles, and most importantly are made to quality safety standards. If you bring your own LARP weapons to play, please check them in at the TECH TENT.

Once you’ve registered online, we will send you a storyline of gameplay with a complete rules and regulations section.  You can look over maps, various character types and decide which team you’d like to begin playing on.  While there are no refunds, we can transfer LARP tickets from one event date to another should you have something come up.  




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