First for Newfoundland

I have several theories for Newfoundland – one being that its name is actually a misspelled version of Neufeld Land and there are families of Neufelds living in Newfoundland to this day.

I also have my own theory of why there is a pink, green and white version of the Newfoundland Flag; I believe it stems from Italian explorers plunking down flags of Italy that then faded with time from red, white and medium green to pink, white and moss green.

I have found large rocks with Runic carvings upon them, spotted large ravens with white beneath their wings and mused as to the genetic background of Newfoundland Ponies compared to Icelandic Horses.

This is because I grew up in Cape Breton.  To me, this place is a new place to discover.  One with legends of Vikings and Faeries.  And of course, there are the bad stories, of how European greed wiped out an entire tribe’s existence.  I search for proof of their existence too, comb the beaches and forests for some remnant no one else has noticed.

I am bringing LARP here and hopefully in doing so, am bringing Newfoundland to LARP.  Imagination is a form of freedom. Play is the best method of teaching.  Action is the best method of learning.  Shape shifting or dressing up in costume does more than affect the way you look – it affects the way you act.
By acting, we end up reflecting. And suddenly, something that seems like a whole lot of fun, has profoundly increased a person’s ability to look at other’s with new respect and understanding.




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