Shoreline of Trout River, Newfoundland

While attending our many scheduled LARP events, you will be close to the amenities of communities Trout River and Woody Point.  There are restaurants, convenience stores, craft items, museums and Canada Post Offices, not to mention a host of B&B’s and cabins to rent.

I recommend stopping in at the Discovery Centre, run by Parks Canada on the road that connects these two tiny towns.  It is an amazing building with an amazing view, plus lots of information on the Gros Morne National Park.

The Trout River Campground of Gros Morne National Park can be found by driving into Trout River and going left along the main street past the Community Hell, Town Office, Valley View Restaurant and Tableland Cottages.  Drive over two small bridges and keep going until you get to a dirt road.  To the right then, across a bridge that goes over the Trout River, is a road that leads to the campground.

We will be meeting people in the parking lot you will find if you stay straight and not go across that bridge.  The dirt road leads you there and loops back, so you cannot go further.  You will see a large playground, outhouses, picnic tables and field.  There is ample parking and beach to explore.

You will also find another eco-tourism company here, Wild Gros Morne.  They can take you by boat to where you normally would only be able to reach in winter by skidoo.  Check out their website for tour times.

Park passes will be included with admission tickets for the Trail Rides and LARP events, so don’t worry about that.  If you plan on bringing a group it is better to have that group register at once to take advantage of the group discounts and let us know how many people to expect.




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