Walk in the park



Where Blue’s nose is pointing – the winding path leading upwards into the mountainside – is where campers staying at the Gros Morne National Park Trout River Pond campsite will head when they arrive.  Its a bit of hike and I’m eager to find baby fish today so we turned left instead on another skidoo path.


The Pond seems snow covered and skidoos are steady still hauling wood via sleighs and tamigans  across it, despite the melting shoreline.


There are more little fingernail sized fish today, playing in the sunlight.  It was actually very warm this morning; I didn’t need my toque for the most of the walk.  Catching the little black bullets on camera proved to be near impossible.  They kept ducking under the ice ridge to hide from Blue and I.



For a moment, a lone, empty sled mid-pond captures my Italian Mastiff’s attention.  The Pond is a shortcut way to get to where we will be having trail rides, lessons in Elvish and clay sculpting exercises.  Most dogs here don’t just follow the skidoos and ATV’s; they ride on with their owners to catch a break now and then – and some ride the whole way!


Snowdrifts have deemed a winter hike on this walking trail impossible without snow shoes so Blue and I followed the snowmobile track sidewalks back out of the park.

IMG_20180302_115311 (1)


They lead us to where most of the skidoo traffic heads…places where Trout River residents stack their wood into piles.


I’ve learned this smaller sled is a tamigan and the larger, flatter one a sleigh. I’ve also learned the word proud doesn’t signify accomplishment just being pleased about something and the word courage has nothing to do with fear just overcoming laziness.


Don’t worry!  Coming for a Dramatic Intent camp? Newfoundland/English dictionaries will be part of your package, along with maps and your Canada Parks Pass.


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