Trolling Along

IMG_20180301_130700I met these two “Guards of Elfdom” while trekking through the Wallace Brook area of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.  IMG_20180307_112122

Whilst trolling for costume ideas, nature inspired me with a lot of texture and colour through these exposed patches of moss covered rocks and entangled shrubbery.


The foam and sparkles of light upon the Trout River made me reflect upon Faeries, whilst the hair-like shore grasses reminded me I was searching for Troll inspiration.


I love the layering effect of the Juniper against the mosses and lichens, the ease of which the colors merge and the stark differences of texture coexisting in the same limited space



And of course, the troll hair in unmistakeable green.


Can you spot the wee man and his much larger companion?  Hope to see you all at this summer’s Mountain Troll Festival!



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