Introducing Green Gardens

BP0312CANADA_HOWE_GrosMorneGreenGardens_STH6342_bjk_445x260Green Gardens is part of Gros Morne National Park’s wonderful collection of hiking paths here in Western Newfoundland.  Just before the town of Trout River, you embark upon a rocky footpath that is not so green.  Sparse clumps of pitcher plants, spreads of creeping juniper, rocks covered with moss and lichen appear scattered here and there.  And so your journey goes, until you reach the crest of the first hill.  Then the green begins!pitchers

“Green Gardens” is the newest pony available in the Newfoundland Country Pony Collection and the first with eyes, because a tiny customer reminded me “if they don’t ‘ave no eyes hows they supposed to see?”  Hand made of cotton, rayon, fleece, polyester and chenille. Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fibrefill.  She reflects the variegated colors of the plants and rocks you’ll find while embarking on this amazing adventure.

“Green Gardens” Newfoundland Country Pony

23″ hoof to ear tip/23″ nose to tail. Handmade in Newfoundland and named after the Canada Parks Trail close to the beautiful area of Trout River. Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fibrefill; outerbody a mix of cotton/polyester materials and fleece. Mane and tail chenille and acrylic yarns. ONE OF A KIND, ONE ONLY




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I love horses and vampires, literature and politics, costumes and nature. So, I have combined all these into a business called Aviking By Hoof, to bring you Live Action Role Playing in a surreal, mountainous, wonderland where you can play Viking or you can delve into the word of legendary creatures the Vikings believed in. See you in Newfoundland!

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