So what is LARP?

Summer SaleThinking about trying to LARP? Well, its not just for cosplay fans. Live Action Role Play makes a great ice breaker at family reunions when you feel you must speak to relatives you may have never seen since infancy, promotes comraderie amongst team mates from sports teams, dance troupes, school groups or business organizations and enables people to de-stress by taking them outside of themselves in a physically and mentally active way.Waterford Canada

The first LARP upcoming in Aviking By Hoof’s summer schedule you can still book tickets for is Realm Collide. This is probably the easiest LARP to try for first timers. Your costume/ character options are limited only by your imagination. The premise is that the Scandinavian God of Mischief, Loki, has managed to transport beings from various worlds and timeframes into one area. I won’t give away his motive for doing so, in case that’s a game spoiler.Wedgwood Canada

You can decide whether you would like to represent an important person from Newfoundland history (yes, there will be a prize at the end of the weekend for those who do so well) or a character from your favourite book, movie, celebrity status, political world, etc. No, they do not have to be human. Yes, they can be a mummer. Yes, they can be a ballerina/football player/monkey combination – so long as you can create a persona for this being and stay in character for gameplay.Recommended Items on on findings, jewelry beads, gemstone beads, pearls, glass beads, tools ect, .
Volunteers are always welcome to sign up. Please do so a few days before the LARP to get the ruleplay, script, map, etc. Volunteers and staff are our game regulators, but they won’t be marked as obvious referees; they will be in costume, as important characters to the script. You may receive side missions from them, might be rescued or kidnapped by them. Their roles will change from LARP to LARP so recognizing these people if you attend several of our events (and we hope you do) shouldn’t spoil what they are up to.Compra hoy en
You will be given a map, upon meeting our TECH TENT person, if you have forgotten your emailed version. Your map will be of the playing area of the park – the parks are quite expansive so our playing areas will be limited to small sections so that we may interact easily. There will also be points and symbols for challenges on the map. This will become clear as you play. I’ve chosen areas that feel as though you are in a remote locale. If you have to leave for any reason during gameplay, just check out with our TECH TENT person; when you come back have them check you back in.


Costume rental options, weapon rental options, hair and makeup options will be made available to you once you purchase your ticket online. Aviking By Hoof costumes are actually separate pieces that you can use to build your character’s look. You may purchase them online prior to the LARP event you’d like to attend, reserve them for rental by contacting us online, or rent once you arrive. You may also bring costumes to sell to other gameplayers if you like and we will display them for you.

e.l.f. cosmetics

So basically LARP is like starring in a movie and being an avatar in a video game. Interactions with other characters can really affect how the story progresses, so even if you attend two of the same theme, you will find the game very different. Teams will emerge as allies are formed and enemies become clear. There are various forms of challenges throughout the game, including battles which are played with foam weapons and shields. Armour points can be acquired by creating a costume that shows you are anticipating your enemies possible attacks and preparing with proper defenses.

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Because I wanted to attract people who may have never been exposed to LARP before, the time frames for each LARP event are weekends and on each day they last only 3 hours. Should you wish to book a weekday, private group live action role playing tour of western Newfoundland, please contact Aviking By Hoof or myself. We are also open to bringing one of our themed LARPs to you for private parties should you be in the western Newfoundland region. Please contact us for details.

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I also wanted to mention that these events are a great opportunity for those in makeup and hair professions to showcase what they can do. If anyone would like to be listed for ticket purchasers to book appointments with for their character’s look, or if they would like to attend an event and have a tent set up to do hair onsite, those are options. Merchants will be worked into the story mode. So please contact us at least a week prior to the LARP event.e.l.f. cosmetics

If you make interesting crafts that you’d like to sell, that you feel could work within a story mode, we’d love to hear from you. If you are an accommodations operator and would like your place/site listed on just leave a note, contact us or give us a call. If you run a craft store, museum, gift shop, convenience, store, restaurant etc. and would like to display troll tokens for us and in return have your place listed on our website let us know!

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