Come aviking with us!

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Aviking means exploring and we want you to come explore this breathtakingly beautiful island.  You have the option of leaving YOU (and all your stress and worries) behind and transforming into a new character for your vacation for some fun and action filled  WEEKEND LARP events.  Join us for a MOUNTAIN TROLL STROLL! We’re hosting a Mountain Troll Festival in July.  Weekdays we will offer different trail rides into the mountains.

Looking for one of a kind gifts?  Bring Home Newfoundland is our online store.  You can  shop here all year, anytime, for quality handmade, unique items inspired by Newfoundland and our various LARP themes.  Heard of my Faery Dream Pillows?  You can order more than one of these.  Leaves have peppermint and pearly everlasting herbs.  Petals have just pearly everlasting flower herb.

Stay tuned for the character openings for each LARP (live action role play) and maps which you can download to get a head start on your game strategy.  Book early: there will be a cap of 80 for each game and discounts given to those who register as a group * (please contact us for details).

Want to play but are low on funds? Sign up as a volunteer. We will have 10 volunteer spaces per larping adventure. You will need to be in costume and aid us in making sure the game goes according to the rules, but otherwise, you are free to LARP on!

Are you a talented hairstylist, makeup artist, costumer, leather worker, metal smith, knitter, weaver….if you’ve got skills to create contact us.  We welcome you to set up a tent as part of the gameplay.  Its a great way to get exposure, meet  new people,  have fun and sell your wares at the same time!  Contact us for details.

Here to play Viking with us?  Well, if you love Vikings as much as we do, you’ll want to visit the only authenticated Viking settlement in North America, Parks Canada’s very own L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, while visiting western Newfoundland.

While we love animals as much as we love Vikings, we cannot permit any pets to join in on the LARP events.  People dressed in costumes, acting out mock battles can confuse an animal into believing their family member is in actual danger.  For the safety of staff, volunteers and participants please refrain from bringing your pet into the PLAY AREA.

Also, for safety concerns, we ask that you do not bring your pets with you on the trail rides.  On your own exploring time, they are permitted on a leash in the Gros Morne National Park.  Some horses are not fond of dogs and some dogs are not fond of horses.  The areas we will be exploring are wilderness areas.  We also would not wish for you to accidentally lose your furry family member.

Even if you choose a themed trail ride, appropriate footwear and riding helmets must be worn.  You may rent either or both from us.  We will have costume pieces that fit over the top of boots and helmets to ensure your theme stays true without compromising your safety.  Newfoundland is not called The Rock for nothing.

We recommend contacting us two weeks in advance to book our horse trail rides, if possible, to ensure a space.  We will be waiting until the mud from spring thaw has dried up before beginning any tours, but we will announce the start dates on this site.

There will be a limited number of spaces per tour but those who book as a group of three or more will receive a 10% discount.  Routes are according to day, so weather cancellations may result in you taking a different trail than originally booked. All of our trail routes are beautifully unique though.

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