Bring Home Newfoundland

“Green Gardens” Newfoundland Country Pony

23″ hoof to ear tip/23″ nose to tail. Handmade in Newfoundland and named after the Canada Parks Trail close to the beautiful area of Trout River. Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fibrefill; outerbody a mix of cotton/polyester materials and fleece. Mane and tail chenille and acrylic yarns. ONE OF A KIND, ONE ONLY


Handmade Newfoundland Ponies are each unique and represent a place here on The Rock.  Fibres will vary from pony to pony.  Proceeds go towards the purchase of real Newfoundland Ponies for Aviking By Hoof visitors to be able to ride and/or pet.  To learn more about the real Newfoundland Pony, which is sadly still in danger of becoming extinct, please visit The Newfoundland Pony Society website and find out about their free DNA certification.

leafThese faery petals and leaves are magically blessed with a wiccan binding spell and use the properties of Pearly Everlasting and Wild Peppermint herbs to set your mind at ease while you sleep.  These herbs actually block negative energy.  Place them beneath your regular pillow and you will notice the difference in your sleep quality.


“Rocks on The Rock Collection” of little treasures that resemble the stones along Trout River, Gros Morne.

Come with their matching stone.


Valkyrie inspired plaid mini skirt with sash.  Sits along hipline. Falls above the knee.  Front snap closure.  Made of duck-twill cotton and wool blend tartan.  Accents in polyester and faux leather. Pink embroidered topstitching. Size S (hip 36) Wooden runic symbol accent.

If you’d like a different size or color combo let us know!



Faerie Godmother means business!  Lined soft green polyester vests, lightly gathered at the shoulder.  Shown with pink lining exposed, front is actually full leaf shape.  Attached at sides.

DSCN2273 - Copy
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