LARP Rules & Regulations

Foreword: In order for all players to have a safe, fun gaming experience Aviking By Hoof staff must inspect all weapons and list them next to the registered player’s name before they enter the playing field.

The purpose of LARP is to have fun, get outdoors, meet new people, think in new ways and exercise!  We want you to enjoy your time here in beautiful Newfoundland.  We also want you to be able to let your inner warrior loose and not be afraid of actually lopping someone’s arm off.

Characters: registration for Weekend LARP entitles players to one free character with 100 life points.  This does not mean they have 100 lives!  A three strike combination in battle, a combination of poisons and spells, or lack of food, shelter and water can render a character DEAD.  They must then choose whether to stay on as a GHOST or purchase another character.

Character types: WEEKEND LARP themes vary from weekend to weekend, so take note of which LARP you will be attending and choose from the character types available to base your costumes, armour, weapons choice upon.  REALM COLLIDE will allow ANY type of character, since it spans time, space and other worlds.

Costumes/Weapons: You cannot play unless you are in costume!  Please make, purchase or rent a costume appropriate to the character you have selected to play.

Game start/end times: it is advisable to be registered and checked in prior to the 10 am Gameplay Start, but you may leave and come back any time before the 6pm end time each day.  Always check back in at the greeting tent before returning to gameplay.  Your absence in the game will be treated as if you had been kidnapped or mysteriously disappeared.  Game points accumulated will not be affected in any way.

Transportation to and from gaming areas: if you need assistance finding us, getting to various event places, just let us know!

Photography Packages: 45 minute photo sessions will be available in the scenic Wallace Brook area of Gros Morne National Park for WEEKEND LARP eventers or Dramatic Intent participants.

Pre-game warrior training: Fridays we offer a group sessions on different moves for different character types; weapons choices; effective usage of maps, extra challenges. If you are in town for the WEEKEND LARP contact us to attend.

Combat: absolutely NO head strikes, even if players are wearing a helmet; NO biting, spitting or head butting players; NO walking on, running across, or jumping upon any players while DOWN; GHOSTS cannot be attacked; NO bone breaking moves or causing intentional real bodily injury of any kind.

PAUSE: if players feel faint, dizzy, or emotionally upset and wish to leave the playing field they can yell ODIN and a staff member will throw a PROTECTION of ONE spell over them and escort them from the playing area.  Anyone deemed by staff to be misusing this to prevent DEATH in the game will be docked 50 LIFE POINTS.

Greeting Tent: You can exchange you regular money into game currency to buy merchant products in the game or upgrades if you haven’t been able to complete the level requirements.

Costume Discounters