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Aviking By Hoof offers 6 different themes of Live Action Role Play as described below.

Gameplay includes exploring (aviking) in different areas inside and around Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Contact us to book as a group, couple or individual.  Groups can be 9 – 30 people. If you have your own costume you can purchase a no frills ticket.  Remember the costume must go with the theme and weapons must be foam based not wood, plastic or metal.

We need everyone to be registered, even volunteers, prior to gameplay.  Please contact us to arrange which theme, preferred date and time you wish to join us. If there is a LARP scheduled on that date, you may join that theme.  


Anytime Costumes


Six Days of “Introduction to LARP”package: (Any of the 6 themes)

-Day One: Character Introductions/ Acting Lessons/Area Walkthrough

-Day Two: Weaponry & Armour Class/ Agility Movement Exercises

-Day Three: Character Portrayal Hair & Makeup/ Costume Fitting/Portraits

-Day Four: Battle Exercises/Gameplay Rules / Live Action Role Play Begins!

-Day Five: All day Live Action Role Play

-Day Six: Morning Concludes Live Action Role Play/ Afternoon for Awards, Honorary Newfie Ritual and Farewells

Six Days of LARP (experienced Players)

Day One: Character Introductions/Area Walkthrough/Game Rundown/Tribal Divisions

Day Two: Tribe Leaders Competitions

Day Three: Territory Acquisition Challenges/Hostile Takeovers

Day Four: Enemy Amongst Us Challenge/Team VS Individual Points Competitions

Day Five: All Out War

Day Six: Awards, Points Accumulation, Acknowledgements, Honorary Newfie Ceremony, presentation of The Havamal and Newfie Dictionary to all players, Farewells.

WEEKEND LARP package (any of 6 themes)


  • Game begins at 10 am with brief rundown of rules/goals/prizes/points
  • Tribal Leaders Competition from 10 – 12 noon
  • Noon hour break with water and fresh fruit provided onsite
  • 1pm – 4pm Map of Challenges
  • 4pm -6pm Intercession (to allow guests to dine at the local restaurants)
  • 6pm- 8pm Battle of the Tribes “Territory Dispute”
  • 9pm – 10 pm Tactical Preparation for Sunday


  • Gameplay resumes at 10 am with an announcement of points/achievements of each tribe/review of rules/goals/prizes
  • Assassination Assignment Challenge until noon
  • Noon hour break with water and fresh fruit provided onsite 
  • 1pm – 4pm “Scavengers, Hostages, Allies & Thieves” Competition
  • 4pm-6pm Intercession (to allow guests to dine at the local restaurants)
  • 6pm-8pm Ultimate Ruler Battle
  • 9pm-10pm Awards, Acknowledgements, Points Accumulation, Farewells

THEMES ARE BOOKED BY RESERVATION/CONFIRMATION OF PLAYERS.  Should you be the first to contact us on a given day, for that week, for example, you will get to decide which LARP theme is playing.  If the theme playing is already set, you can choose another date and theme or register for the theme that has been started to book.  Minimum of 9 players is required for a game to go ahead.

Costumes are required.  You may purchase a costume from Aviking By Hoof, make one, or buy from another costume company.  With Mummer’s costumes, you’ll find the local Salvation Army or Thrift Shop handy to put together the odd “traditional” Newfoundland Mummer look.


 “Vampires on The Rock”

When Viking ships enter the harbour, they realize they can either join forces with the other warm bloods or use them as a distraction to get to safety.  In a world where some creatures feed off energy, others off of flesh or vegetation, the strongest and deadliest are those that need only blood or sap to survive.

Work your way from the where the Trout River Pond leads into the Trout River, up several walking trails (while battling enemies) and then reach a magnificent vantage point in the mountains.  Can be booked as for more than one day to continue the storyline or as both morning and afternoon.  Plenty of parking space available. If you are staying in the Town of Trout River, most cabin rentals, Park campsite, cottages, B&B’s and RV Park are within walking distance. 60-65% Off Luggage Closeouts. Select Styles. Shop now at! Valid 7/26-7/29.

 “Faerie Bells and Elfin Spells!”

  • Newfoundland before the Midgardians dominated the land.  Faery tribes have been battling Mountain Trolls, aligning with Elfin tribes and bribing Giants.  You can choose your starting character, although a twist of Faery Magic in the wrong hands could place you as another just as easily.

Work your way to the bridges of Wallace Brook and up to the stairwell lookoff.  The Gulch is breathtaking but don’t forget your mission to find the Elfiin/Faery hybrid baby while battling Mountain Trolls and dodging the occasional Giant. A limited parking space is available – approximately 16 vehicles can fit safely off the roadway. A short drive from either the Town of Trout River or Woody Point.  Charter Services such as Martin’s Transportation, Buckles Charter Buses can offer group transportation.

Age of Eddas”

Enter the world of the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Viking peoples. Odin is not speaking to his brothers Vili and Ve, for attempting to seduce his wife Frigga. As a way of getting back at their brother’s cursing them to be forgotten from history, Ve has broken both Asgardian and Elfin Laws and accidentally created a race of demons with powers that rival the gods and threaten to consume the midgardians 

Parking is in the Trout River Pond parking area, where you will journey on foot to the hidden cottage of Faery Luc, via Trout River Pond walking trail.  Gameplay takes place on the secluded beach that gives you a different view of Elephant Head Mountain than you normally see. Plenty of parking space available. If you are staying in the Town of Trout River, most cabin rentals, Park campsite, cottages, B&B’s and RV Park are within walking distance.

     “Realm Collide” 

Loki has discovered a time tunnel that allows him to transport beings from one time period into another with hilarious and disastrous results. Your choices are very wide for this LARP, you can create a character from any culture, timeframe, legend or come as a modern day human. You are only tested by the strength of your own imagination.

Set in the Trout River Pond area of Gros Morne National Park, you will play in the fields adjacent to the picnic area, off to the side. Close to amenities yet surrounded by mountains, lose yourself in the game without getting lost! Plenty of parking space available. Plenty of parking space available. If you are staying in the Town of Trout River, most cabin rentals, Park campsite, cottages, B&B’s and RV Park are within walking distance.

      “Wedding To Remember”

In his efforts to make amends for bad behaviour and simultaneously try once again to woo his brother’s wife, Loki manages to trick Thor into rescuing their sister Freya from having to marry a giant she has no feelings for. Crash the wedding, find the hammer and stay for the banquet!

The Lomond area of Gros Morne National Park is the setting for the wedding you won’t soon forget!  Off the main hiway, in a secluded setting, you can lose yourself to the game without feeling conspicuous. Between Deer Lake and Trout River, plenty of parking and scenery await.  Wiltondale, Lomond, Deer Lake, Reidville, Woody Point, Bonne Bay and Trout River have accommodation options.

      “Mummers vs Mountain Trolls”

This LARP can be booked on its own  throughout the summer and also kicks of the Mountain Troll Festival to be held the week of Halloween in October. Faeries, elves, and giants are hiding from mankind.  The Mountain Trolls have decided to take over western Newfoundland. Nobody believes the witnesses; the locals have to take matters into their own hands. The only thing the Mountain Trolls seem to fear are the Ugly Stick thumping, accordion playing Mummers.e.l.f. cosmetics UK

Prior to gameplay, all weapons must be checked.  Safe, foam, ugly sticks must be used to avoid injury – as regular ones are made of wood and tin cans.  Choose to play as hero (Mummer) or Villain (Mountain Troll).  Parking is available at the Hummock Trail Parking Area and the Trout River Pond Parking Area on either edge of the Town of Trout River and Wallace Brook Parking Lot.  Gameplay will vary for location depending upon group size.  Be sure to pre-register and contact us for details.Up to 60% OFF on Exquisite European Beads, Create Fashion for EverY Woman!

For events held in Gros Morne National Park please take note of the following:

Park Passes
All event participants must have their valid national park pass displayed in their vehicle while parked in any of the Gros Morne National Park parking areas. Gros Morne National Park entry fees go towards maintaining the park’s roadways, viewpoints, day use areas and trails -and the information, education, resource protection and public safety services offered by Parks Canada staff.


Do not approach or feed wildlife. Give them space and respect. Keep the animal’s line of travel or escape route clear.

Retreat safely and contact Parks Canada if you come across a bear or any other animal that is displaying aggressive behaviour during any event.

Participants are not to enter any closed or restricted area (this includes set-up and tear-down activities). Use the washroom facilities and abstain from public urination.

Learn more about park stewardship at
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