Gameplay for Age of Eddas Released

Age of Eddas LARP June 23rd 1pm-4pm/June 24th 1pm-4pm Gros Morne National Park

Tickets via Eventbrite  Please register ASAP!

Premise: Odin, The Allfather, upon returning to Asgard has discovered that both of his brothers have attempted to convince Frigga he had not intention of returning to her and tried to seduce her. They also spread rumours about Asgard that he had not left willingly upon an adventure to learn more of these creatures they had created many years ago (humans or midgardians) but was rather thrown out and banished for his refusal to stop using what was considered a woman’s habit – witchcraft. Odin’s constant usage of the runes and other forms of Wicca had enraged the brothers, who opted for immediate battle plans rather than psychic guidance or spells. Now, back, and ready to defend his honor, Odin feels he has no choice but to show who is really the Boss of Asgard, The One, The Allfather.
So, he not only drives the brother’s out of his palace, he banishes them from the kingdom altogether. He makes a law that no Asgardian may speak either of their names ever again. Their deeds will no longer be written down in any saga. It will be as if they no longer exist. Anyone caught cohorting with the two will also be banished or worse.

Midgard (Earth)
Gameplay begins with a hushed meeting going on. You will be welcomed in as an expected guest and seated at the table or you will be ushered over to the side area, where your team mates are waiting to ambush the event taking place. The Lady Fae will announce important recent events. These are crucial components to remember for gameplay. Clues will also be in her posture, hand gestures and symbolic meanings to what is spoken.
After the meeting, the guests will rise from the table and begin introducing themselves to one another. Just use your character’s name, not their stature, their character type, just name only. Remember, you do not know at this point whether you are amidst enemies or allies.
Two cloaked males bring in a chained female creature that looks both in pain and anger. They take her to the hostess. The Lady Fae will announce this creature’s name and begin to call certain character’s forth. If your name is called, you must come to the front of the crowd and salute her, then address the creature.
One of you has been given a key, with your registration map. This will unlock the chains of the angry beast woman. You do not have to unlock her; it is up to you. Your gameplay choices, however, may lead you to decide this is your best option to win. If you hold the key, be sure at this point in the game to make note of anything important about the creature, what she has with her, her captors, the Lady Fae, your surroundings. Take note of who was also called forth.
A tall Viking will enter the area and start an argument with the Lady Fae. Those of you who have signed on as Vikings, will now have to choose to let their cover be known or risk being attacked by their own potential team mates. A battle of Vikings against Faeries is about to ensue. Outside the Faery Circle, peasant folk who worship Villiam The Aser have gathered to make an offering to their god. If you are a peasant, you might wish to flee the circle and avoid the battle at this point.
Faeries are known to have spells ingredients lying about in special containers and jars. They will have magic tokens, strange voodoo dolls, decorated eggs and money lying about or hidden. Not only will you have to attack, take hostage, kill or subdue the enemy, but you must gather as much of these goods as you can while there and successfully bring them to where the Viking leader is stationed.
Faeries, Vikings are known for their dashing good looks, their cleanliness, good utensils and weapons. Your goal is to capture, rob and entrance as many as possible before Villiam’s brother JaVe enters the circle. Unlike his vampire brother, JaVe, can withstand the sun. The creature belongs to him.
Shak, the wife of JaVe and co-creator of the creature that is bound (unless the key has been used) will enter the Faery Ring. Vikings will immediately fall into a deep sleep. Faeries will be locked into whatever position they were in, unable to stop the two gods from retrieving their “child”. On their way out of the ring, the creature will touch several players. These, once awake or unfrozen, will now become zombie like and attack all other players in a mad frenzy without any self will. Their weapons, shields, goods, will be lost to whoever battles them and manages to subdue them without being touched.
Peasants who are loyal to Villiam, because he is really Odin’s brother Vili in disguise, will attack Viking players upon sight, even if they are not properly armed. They have no choice but to rise against anyone who holds Odin, The Allfather, in esteem. Faeries do not bother with the peasants; peasants are very wary of the faeries and often fear them.

Within your ranks of character types you must achieve the following goals: 1) become the leader of your designated team 2) gain the trust of an ally leader 3) kidnap the player holding the KEY and give them to sleeping Villiam of Aser as an offering 4) find the faery recipe for demon reversal to cure those touched 5) Accumulate the most battle points/wealth points. Team with the most points and living players, overall wins.
Good Luck!
Remember to fill out the contact form and indicate which character type you’d prefer to play as.

AGE OF EDDAS approaching

Ticket sales through Eventbrite have resulted in the first two planned events of the season unable to be held, due to lack of sales, so I wanted to make sure you knew about what events are still going to be happening and which have been unfortunately cancelled due to lack of registration. If you do purchase a ticket – even though it says, no refund, we will certainly still refund your ticket or exchange the ticket for a different event time/theme if you cancel a day before the event happens. You can even trade a ticket for a gift item of equal value.

First off, so far, until next week anyways, we are still holding open ticket registration for Age of Eddas LARP. Tickets have been marked WAY, WAY down but are no longer costume or weapon rental inclusive. And you can take advantage of spending one or two days larping with us, here in Trout River Pond area plus work in any other events or nifty spots nearby you wanted to check out within the same relative time span.

Age of Eddas is based on Odin, The Allfather’s writings about his two brothers that betrayed him over his wife Frigga. Now, Odin decided he’d get back at his brother’s by banishing them and no longer allowing them to be written down in any sagas. He wrote them out of history, so to speak, but there are clues, that indicate they did not go quietly into the darkness.

In fact, the desert God Yahweh, could possibly be Ve. Translating his name, “I am Ve” – and the people not being allowed to speak it makes me wonder. Also, The Holy Spirit of The Bible could also be Vili whose name means “spirit” in old Norse. Remember it was the three brothers that created mankind – Odin, Vili and Ve and they used two trees – one for the man and another for the woman, Ask and Embla.

But I digress, the LARP is “based” upon these theories and Odin’s writings with some dramatic license of course. I do hope not to offend any of the gods and goddesses depicted therein. I think it very important that we do openly refer to them as much as possible, even those previously shunned, since this gives them back the honor that was stolen from them when Christianity struck the world with its brainwashing approach to religion.

Open minded, creative peoples are welcome to play. I don’t want any religious zealots here attempting to steal the fun with their Bible thumping foolishness. Roles are open for interpretation. You may come dressed as you’d think an Asir would dress as, or a Valkyrie, Vanir, Viking, Giant, Nymph, Faerie, Demon or Elf. Weapons must be safe to play with, such as foam weapons from Calimacil in Quebec or Armstice in the US.

While mock battles are definitely a fun part of LARP, interaction, learning modes, character portrayals etc, make for a well rounded event. It will make for a great date, weekend adventure for the family, safe arena for frenemies and workpeeps to vent and team mates to learn how to really work together in new, creative ways.

Hope to see you there! Please register with Eventbrite. Our listing is

The next scheduled event will be REALM COLLIDE, another great introduction into Larping because you can be ANY type of character and it will fit into the time loop storyline.  Tickets will be going on sale for that LARP tonight and will be as low as AGE of EDDAS, so be sure to book!

The earlier you register, the quicker you can download the player’s map, hints, extras sheet and so forth.  Reminder, there are no costumes included in these low, low ticket prices, so your creativity will be up to you for this LARP.  Have fun with it!

June 7th, 2018

Well, its finally beginning to warm up here in Trout River, Newfoundland.  I was afraid there might be snow at the LARP events I had planned for the summer months.  There is still snow in the mountains, which makes for a lovely, eerie fog at sunset, so bring a sweater or two if travelling in the higher routes.

If you’ve been on the website previously, you will notice the event dates have been removed.  There were a few glitches with the payment buttons that have to be adjusted.  If you’d like to book as a group – which is the most affordable way to go, not to mention fun – you are able to choose between one or two days of LARP.  If your group is interested in the Dramatic Intent Series to be held in August, please contact me ASAP to reserve your space.

So all in all, hang tight, while some details get sorted out, let me know what sort of adventure your family, team or business organization would like to have, when you’ll be in the area and what method of transportation you will be arriving by.

Meet and greets are always good to have prior than jumping into a live action role playing event, or touring a mountainside with.  If at all possible, the day before the event, if you have time to be introduced to other players, team leaders, myself and the area you will be playing in, please by all means, let me know.

Battle Backdrop


Aside from honing your battle skills, letting go of stress and realities woes, meeting new people and having a lot of fun, Aviking By Hoof offers you the amazing backdrop of western Newfoundland’s Gros Morne while you LARP.


Just walking from one playing field to the next offers amazing views.  This road also leads to the Trout River Pond campground of Parks Canada.


We are very excited here at Aviking By Hoof, because although there is still plenty of snow around, the Pond has melted and we can tell how the winter has affected the spots we wish to designate as LARP character faction sites.


Civilization may appear nowhere in sight, but that’s the great thing about Western Newfoundland.  Communities are in little pockets amongst the mountains and shorelines.  The town of Trout River is just to the left of this road, only a five minute walk to reach – though you’d never know it from the view.




Interesting geological structures are everywhere, from the looming Elephant’s Head mountain overlooking Trout River Pond, to mountains that resemble pyramids (Point Hills), odd rocks atop plateaus, and reptile like rocks on the ground.

IMG_20180506_195635 (1).jpg


Gros Morne National Park has a wonderful campsite right in the Trout River area that offers the feel of privacy within a multi-section campground with lots of amenities.


So come aviking with us, explore this amazing place, take in all that beauty and peace; then let your inner Viking (or Faerie, Elf or Mountain Troll) unleash fury upon your LARP enemies during one of our themed Weekend LARP events.