Trail Rides

There are 5 different trails to choose from, each with a unique view of the Gros Morne Mountain Range, Atlantic Ocean and nearby rivers, ponds and streams. You may come across a moose or two, perhaps some caribou or hares. Eagles, ravens and hawks soar the skies….and in the rivers swim salmon and trout.2017 Women's Health Beauty Awards Winner - Clean Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray Lavender and Lemon


1-2 Hour Forest To Hummock Tour that stays close to the community of Trout River. Great views of the community below, Elephant’s Head Mountain and The Old Man.  Mondays only.

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2-3 Hour River to River Tour begins at the Trout River bridge in the Gros Morne National Park along a wide, gravel trail that follows the Trout River Pond. Lookout points for amazing photos and picnic stops. Tuesdays only.

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3-4 Hour Pitcher Plant Tour follows the winding Mogul Road, past “mishes”, swamps that are raised higher than the trail itself, adorned with aged, wind-stunted trees and carnivorous pitcher plants – the national plant symbol for Newfoundland.  Wednesdays only.

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4-5 Hour Chimney Cove Tour leads you past the Trout River Pond, across Chimney Cove River and to the majestic pasturelands/beach area of Chimney Cove, where cows and horses graze together along a sea inlet adorned with summer cottages and driftwood.  Thursdays only.

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Overnight Camp-ride to Gregory River gives you two days of riding, with the option to corral the horses and go on foot to a waterfall and swimming hole full of trout. Pitch a tent for the night, have a bonfire. On the way back we can stop at the sandy lake for a swim (weather permitting), look for moose and caribou on a path near Dad’s Saw, or break to spend time with the geese at Magpie’s Cottage. Fridays/Saturdays only.

Contact us to book (note: proper riding footwear must be worn on trails)
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OR try our

Themed Trail Options where you dress in costume as Viking Wanderers, Elfin Fledglings or Faerie Tricksters.

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