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If the modern world is getting you down, take a grand switch and hop a plane or ferry to a province unlike any other.  Newfoundland, Canada has areas that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back 1000 years in time.  The Gros Morne National Park where we hold events is a UNESCO heritage site with geological features you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

We hope you come aviking with us on a grand adventure. Newfoundland is a beautiful province of spectacular scenery and culture. You can feel like you’ve stepped back in time, that you are in the complete wilderness and yet be within minutes of a quaint community, town or city filled with shops, restaurants, and amenities.

Aviking By Hoof will be hosting Live Action Role Play events throughout the summer months at various locations in the Gros Morne region of Western Newfoundland. Join us for a Weekend LARP event, book a private weekday role playing workshop for your family or group, contact us to learn some Elvish, Celtic knot tying, Runic writing or Faerie Spell making.

Day or night, shop our neat collection of souvenirs online, which you’ll also find in local craft stores. These specialty gift items are inspired by the beauty all around us. Many are one of a kind items for that one of a kind person in your life, like our Rocks On The Rock sweater collection. Others use medicinal herbs to channel healing energies and block negativity, like our Faery Petals & Leaves. Some are collector’s items like our Newfoundland Country Ponies which can be found in western Newfoundland craft shops and Cape Breton’s Farmer’s Country Store on Keltic Drive.
Later this fall we hope to finally offer relaxing tours through the mountains on horses and/or ponies- in costume or plain clothes – its up to you! We’ve mapped out the best trails already – we’re just working out equine details.  Membership packages will be available for frequent trail riders or visitors to our LARP events.  Please inquire.

Volunteers Needed

Have you ever dreamed of Live Action Role Play but were not sure of spending money on a game you hadn’t tried before?  This fall, during the week of Halloween, Aviking By Hoof is attempting to bring you The Mountain Troll Festival which was postponed from July due to lack of ticket sales.

Our festival is based on the premise that global warming has unlocked the sleeping mountain trolls in the region, who have also managed to keep alive their Viking prisoners from long ago in a frozen sleep.  These creatures love blocking water routes, disrupting travellers and eating people.  They find it funny to ask questions of their prey they believe only they know the answer to.

Enter Newfoundland Mummers.  These loud, ugly stick thumping, accordion playing, odd dressed folk with covered faces boldly challenge the monsters to a mock Olympics of sorts, hoping to trick them into retreat (THE TROLL GAMES).  They then battle them outright during MUMMERS VS MOUNTAIN TROLLS.  Challenge them to a sand art showdown (TROLL SAND SCULPTURE CONTEST).  And finally, make friends with the creatures MOUNTAIN TROLL STROLL.

If you have imagination, love interacting with people and having fun, then this is your venue!  We would also love to promote any cool hairstylists who might be available to do some wickedly neat hair art or makeup artists who love transforming people into characters.  As always, anyone who does art inspired by the Viking peoples and any aboriginal artists/artisans interested in displaying their designs or playing roles in our LARP games that represent the aboriginal peoples of Newfoundland and the spiritual beings of their ancestors’ legends PLEASE contact to join us.




You’d better Knot!

Celtic knots are beautiful, alluring, intriguing and instantly recognizable. The celebrity symbols of the Vikings and Celtic peoples, they adorned clothing, accessories, hunting utensils, battle-wear, weapons, jewelry, books and rocks in the past and today.  Binding a spell into a knot, was a special sort of way to trap bad energies, protect families from harm, save memories from fading away with time, even defeating enemies.

Runic writing is often seen accompanied by or surrounded by Celtic knots.  Runic letters are the predecessor of the English and French alphabets.  When writing in Runic, however, one should write from right to left.  The sound “ing” has its own symbol and there is no confusing hard or soft “c” just a separate symbol for “k” sound and “s” sound.

Book a runic writing workshop, make a neat souvenir to take home.  If you have the time, you can even book a rune reading – a method of fortune telling, Viking god Odin used to predict the future (generally takes an hour) or a method of coin/rune reading.

Trail Blazers

IMG_20180702_202218.jpgJust outside the boundaries of the small community of Trout River lies the Gros Morne National Park (where the featured image here is taken).  If you go on past the Trout River Campsite inside the park the scenery continues!


Aviking By Hoof will take you on horseback through these trails and branch off roads on different adventures.  You will find the scenery can change dramatically from one turn to the next, as the mountains vary in soil content and rock composition, thus affecting the type of plant growth.  Wind and temperature will also leave you with very stunted trees in one spot and tall, looming ones in the next.


Its hard to believe but communities are not far from all of these viewpoints.  You can come and lose yourself in a LARP world with ease.  Who wouldn’t believe faeries, elves and mountain trolls still live in this magical place?  Don’t worry, our trail rides will give you lots of stop and snap a pic options! Newfoundland is truly picture perfect in every direction.  There is something comforting to the soul taking in all the natural beauty.



Newfoundland and The Fog


I have typed The Fog as if it were a name for a persona on purpose.  The Fog of Newfoundland seems to have a mind of its own and does not like to go without a daily appearance, even on a fine day.  Today, for example is absolutely beautiful and sunny, but an hour ago, while up checking on my lead horse Vance, The Fog was out in all his glory.


There are times, while cleaning up after the animals, collecting herbs or gathering straw that I feel like I am being watched.  It isn’t a threatening or ominous feeling, more like my presence in the serene wilderness is a curiosity, particularly since I most likely have petted horse, goat or chicken and carry that scent upon me.  What must I be, this human that weaves in and out of trees and hops from bog plant to bog plant.IMG_20180622_103147IMG_20180622_103131.jpg

Is it the fog watching me, or perhaps a wild animal, such as a moose or caribou.  They are very adept at keeping out of sight, particularly amongst the evergreens and alders. Every now and then they must cross an open area, such as this “mish” across from our tiny barn here in Trout River.  Visitors take note that “ponds” can be lakes and “mishes” are swamps.

“Squished” means flattened and most directions are somehow connected to sailing – in case you get lost “all turnt around” and ask for directions – and despite having never commandeering a boat you’ll most likely be referred to as “skipper” if you’re a man, “misses” if you’re a woman, “aboard” is what you have in your vehicle, and should you encounter the word “clusterfuck” do not be offended, it merely refers to a traffic jam- and by no means a traffic jam in the sense any city dweller is used to.  In fact the word “traffic” just means vehicles, period, not any amount of them.Dazzlepro Elements Sonic Toothbrush

The weather is drastically different in Newfoundland than it is even on the island of Cape Breton where you will take the Marine Atlantic Ferry, if coming by boat.  Because of snow in the mountains and The Fog, even a warm day can have a hint of a roaming chill to it.  Trails go high up into the mountains, where the air is cooler still and I’ve found beaches and water spots hold their coolness.  So, if you are sick of sweltering heat, smog and unending sunlight, this place will be your paradise!  If you are used to warmth, I recommend a sweater or two, cozy campfire blanket and set of rubber boots, just in case.IMG_20180622_103159_edit.jpg




So what is LARP?

Summer SaleThinking about trying to LARP? Well, its not just for cosplay fans. Live Action Role Play makes a great ice breaker at family reunions when you feel you must speak to relatives you may have never seen since infancy, promotes comraderie amongst team mates from sports teams, dance troupes, school groups or business organizations and enables people to de-stress by taking them outside of themselves in a physically and mentally active way.Waterford Canada

The first LARP upcoming in Aviking By Hoof’s summer schedule you can still book tickets for is Realm Collide. This is probably the easiest LARP to try for first timers. Your costume/ character options are limited only by your imagination. The premise is that the Scandinavian God of Mischief, Loki, has managed to transport beings from various worlds and timeframes into one area. I won’t give away his motive for doing so, in case that’s a game spoiler.Wedgwood Canada

You can decide whether you would like to represent an important person from Newfoundland history (yes, there will be a prize at the end of the weekend for those who do so well) or a character from your favourite book, movie, celebrity status, political world, etc. No, they do not have to be human. Yes, they can be a mummer. Yes, they can be a ballerina/football player/monkey combination – so long as you can create a persona for this being and stay in character for gameplay.Recommended Items on on findings, jewelry beads, gemstone beads, pearls, glass beads, tools ect, .
Volunteers are always welcome to sign up. Please do so a few days before the LARP to get the ruleplay, script, map, etc. Volunteers and staff are our game regulators, but they won’t be marked as obvious referees; they will be in costume, as important characters to the script. You may receive side missions from them, might be rescued or kidnapped by them. Their roles will change from LARP to LARP so recognizing these people if you attend several of our events (and we hope you do) shouldn’t spoil what they are up to.Compra hoy en Walmart.com.mx
You will be given a map, upon meeting our TECH TENT person, if you have forgotten your emailed version. Your map will be of the playing area of the park – the parks are quite expansive so our playing areas will be limited to small sections so that we may interact easily. There will also be points and symbols for challenges on the map. This will become clear as you play. I’ve chosen areas that feel as though you are in a remote locale. If you have to leave for any reason during gameplay, just check out with our TECH TENT person; when you come back have them check you back in.


Costume rental options, weapon rental options, hair and makeup options will be made available to you once you purchase your ticket online. Aviking By Hoof costumes are actually separate pieces that you can use to build your character’s look. You may purchase them online prior to the LARP event you’d like to attend, reserve them for rental by contacting us online, or rent once you arrive. You may also bring costumes to sell to other gameplayers if you like and we will display them for you.

e.l.f. cosmetics

So basically LARP is like starring in a movie and being an avatar in a video game. Interactions with other characters can really affect how the story progresses, so even if you attend two of the same theme, you will find the game very different. Teams will emerge as allies are formed and enemies become clear. There are various forms of challenges throughout the game, including battles which are played with foam weapons and shields. Armour points can be acquired by creating a costume that shows you are anticipating your enemies possible attacks and preparing with proper defenses.

Up to 50% off
Because I wanted to attract people who may have never been exposed to LARP before, the time frames for each LARP event are weekends and on each day they last only 3 hours. Should you wish to book a weekday, private group live action role playing tour of western Newfoundland, please contact Aviking By Hoof or myself. We are also open to bringing one of our themed LARPs to you for private parties should you be in the western Newfoundland region. Please contact us for details.

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I also wanted to mention that these events are a great opportunity for those in makeup and hair professions to showcase what they can do. If anyone would like to be listed for ticket purchasers to book appointments with for their character’s look, or if they would like to attend an event and have a tent set up to do hair onsite, those are options. Merchants will be worked into the story mode. So please contact us at least a week prior to the LARP event.e.l.f. cosmetics

If you make interesting crafts that you’d like to sell, that you feel could work within a story mode, we’d love to hear from you. If you are an accommodations operator and would like your place/site listed on https://www.avikingbyhoof.ca just leave a note, contact us or give us a call. If you run a craft store, museum, gift shop, convenience, store, restaurant etc. and would like to display troll tokens for us and in return have your place listed on our website let us know!

Tanya Lee Rogers

Extra Energy

Now at first glance, extra energy seems like a straight forward good, positive thing, doe it not? Everyone wants to have extra energy to get more things done, get things finished more quickly and feel exuberant at the end of their work day so they can enjoy what matters most to them – time with family, friends, pets and so forth.

I read two great blog posts today – one about our physical need for sunshine and the other about Tarot Cards – that got me to thinking. Sunshine cures internal cancers, eases depression, kills molds and mildews, provides you with vitamins but when The Sun has a storm and sends out an arc or radiation towards The Earth circuits can literally get fried.

Electricity has this wonderful power to magnetize things. Motivational speakers will refer to this again and again, that your excitement, your energy can act as a magnet pulling others to you to help your cause. Two much energy in power lines however, can blow the transformers and leave everyone in the dark. Too much electrical/magnetic current running beneath cities via bedrock can disrupt computer systems, electrical panels and people’s blood chemistry.

Our blood chemistry you say? Yep. In fact global wars can be linked to solar flare activity. It won’t just affect human moods either – even docile animals like deer and cows can become aggressive and hostile due to receiving tooo much of the sun’s storm wave. A storm is a destructive force and this storm has the ability to travel invisibly through things, people, plants, rocks even.

What does this have to do with Tarot Cards you ask? Well, I purchased “Green Witch Tarot” deck by Ann Moura yesterday and the “Faeries Oracle” by Brian Froud. Normally when doing Tarot readings I do not touch the cards myself, as this would infuse them with my energy, which is VERY strong – and sometimes unstable (like the Sun) but reading today about fortune teller’s never letting anyone touch their cards to avoid it interfering with their ability to read them made me wonder.

After reading Tarot for folks I am usually drained of energy and suffer an irritating migraine. However, some people seem to infuse their energy into the cards so that afterwards upon putting everything away I receive an energy surge that is almost dysfunctionally powerful. I feel as though spirits have been left behind. I almost have too much information about the person and cannot shut it off. I am normally very cold all the time; when this happens I will be as warm as someone with a fever or me after I’ve accidentally ingested garlic.

So I am ging to test this theory and try things a different way. I am curious to know from the fortune teller’s side of things, as well as the client if their energies have been adversely affected after a reading. Given over a hundred people I have communicated with these pas two weeks have noticed lately their moodswings have been haywire, desire to settle down and become family oriented ignited in the adamantly single and animals being extra attached to thei humans I think something is going on.

How does this connect to Aviking By Hoof – well, most of my LARP themes are connected to the gods/goddesses of the Vikings, the Asir or Asgardians. These were sun gods. Thor, the sun of Odin, The Allfather and Jord, an Earth Giant plays a prominent role in the stories of his wandering father. What do you get when you mix sun and earth energy? Electricity of course…. and a child who becomes the God of Thunder. Loki, Thor’s adopted brother, is biologically a Frost Giant – an enemy of the Sun Gods. Baldur, his half-brother is full Sun God. Baldur, however, falls victim to his jealous adopted brother’s plan to throw their world into chaos by causing the Sun God to become a companion of Hel, his daughter who resides over the dead. How can you be a giver of life and also a ruler of death?

The Sun, our Sun, is a ball of gaseous fire. Without it there would be no life on Earth. Too much of it, in too close a range, and we would become like Venus or Mercury. Too little and we would become cold, dead, like Uranus or Neptune. Perhaps Helheim is on Mars, interestingly enough named after the Roman God of War. Split right in half with night and day, hot and cold it is our closest celestial body that poses the most potential to hold life, but it does not spin. Perhaps at some point in time its magnetic poles reversed in polarity and the effect was to create a standstill. It still orbits the sun, but its days and nights are no longer cyclical, just everlasting.

I’m sorry, but nobody’s touching me Tarot Cards but me….all of this reflection makes me think there is something to the theory of keeping the energies contained, like a protective atmosphere. Blessed be. If you’d like to incorporate some local Wiccan methods into your journey of discovery here in Newfoundland, by all means let me know. Blessed be.