RUNIC WRITING 2 hour workshop $30/person

Runic Writing – nicknamed the Viking Alphabets, Runic Futharks were a collection of symbols that stood for sounds, like the English and French alphabets, but the symbols themselves, the runes, were also used like Tarot Cards, to predict future events and give clues to current problems. 

Learn to write your clan name in Runic, what the symbols you are drawn to mean and what plant/animals/dieties are connected to which runes. Keep the souvenir you make.  Supplies provided.

CELTIC KNOT TYING – 2 hour workshop $30/person

More than just elaborate, ornations for clothing, weapons and jewellery, celtic knots held a power to them.  They could bind spells, forge memories, protect, lure, and describe events.

Learn to draw, then form, your own celtic knots from a few select styles, with binding cloth (provided) and stitch onto a special Herbal Peace Pillow that you get to keep as a souvenir.  Aviking By Hoof Peace Pillows help give you a better night’s sleep with herbal magic from Pearly Everlasting and Wild Peppermint Herbs.


Have your fortune told with the tools The Allfather himself used on a regular basis, “the runes”. Book an individual reading or a group of three reading.  1-2 hour options $25/person. By appointment only.

Wedgwood Canada


Have your fortune told with the change in your pocket!  I work as a medium for this method, using an assortment of Canadian coins, and the aid of your “invisible ones” to tell you of important messages from those passed on, warnings of possible danger and good things to look forward to. Book an individual reading or for a group of three. 1-2 hours $25/person 


Have your fortune told with either Green Witch Tarot Cards, Faeries Oracle Cards, Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards or Regular Playing Cards.  Using time tested patterns such as the Celtic Cross, Bridges and 13 Ring important aspects of your relations can be revealed, practical advice to problems given and an unbiased summary of your role in your life’s workings.   Book an individual reading or for a group of three.  1-2 hours $25/person.